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Exciting NEWS... If you don't own a ROKU player or have High Speed internet! Now you can watch all of our great TV episodes over at our new website called Just  $20 regular membership price 365 days of membership!  Over 30 Episodes you can watch anytime of day, all year long! But there's more for you too, as we add new episodes you'll get to watch them too! So hurry over and get registered today!

The Maine Hunters staff  has been bust bear hunting,bow hunting, and now deer hunting! New episodes coming soon to Maine Hunters TV! Check Steve's mature buck ad for Antler Ice and Buck Cage over at the Maine Hunters TV website!
Also send in your photos to us here and show the world your hunting & fishing successes as they happen!  

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Tatiana Whitlock - NRA New Engergy Woman



 Read the SUPER article about this hunt written by Tatiana 

Maine Hunters TV is teaming up up with Tatiana Whitlock one of the NRA's New Energy Women tactical shooter/instructors to bring tactical to practical!

Tatiana is setting the women's tactical shooting world on fire, she has already engaged her life into serious shooting sports and now is teaming up with Maine Hunters to learn the hunting side of firearms use. Watch as this series of hunting adventures unfolds on our TV episodes on the New England Outback Network on Roku or on our new online website. New.MaineHunters.Com, from the range to the frying pan and everything in between!  


Definition of a Maine Hunter

Any person that fully enjoys the pursuit of his or her intended species with the end results being an accomplished and happy hunter regardless of sex,weights,bag limits or protruding extremities! 
Steve Beckwith - Maine Hunter

Steve & Steve Getting it done opening day - 2014

Just back from what couldn't have been an anymore perfect 1st night of bear hunting 2014! In the stand at 3:30 PM and at 5:15 PM Stephen Paul, staff from our sponsor at Northeast-outdoors in Connecticut, let his arrow equipped with a American Broadhead - Liberty Head 125 gr. fly! Perfect pass through and a 70 yard recovery. 150 lb. male bear. Getting it done with an amazing team Maine Hunters TV friend! The new HD camera worked awesome, and the Action Pros caught the side angles super! Watch for this episode to hit the New England Outback Network on Roku soon!

ThermaCELL Prostaff - Maine Hunters Team  


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Maine Hunters - New England Hunts
The Team brings to the TV screen.. What only a New England hunter can relate to!
We hunt like New Englanders and we call ourselves Maine Hunters...  
New England has some of the most challenging hunting opportunities in the world! Only a New Englander can understand what it is like to hunt and be successful in the North East! As New England hunters we admire your big racks from out west, but we grew up being taught that a deer's weight and putting meat on the table for our families was more important then the rack on a deer's head! A large rack is considered a bonus in New England...not a necessity! New England hunting is completely different hunting then out west, if you are from out west and can't understand what we are talking just have to hunt here to understand!
We all love to see wild game photos from ANYWHERE... USA, so Send us your photos and enjoy our website! Come to New England and test your hunting skills to the max! 

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